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New links (last seven days)

Site title Site languages Country Added to Directory
St. John the Baptist Church, Post Falls, ID English USA 04.04.2019
St. John the Baptist Church, Pittsburgh, PA English USA 04.04.2019
St. John the Baptist Church, East Pittsburgh, PA English USA 04.04.2019
Orthodox Arabic Hymns English, العربية Lebanon 02.03.2019
Web Store of Holy Protection of Theotokos Monastery Русский, English Ukraine 26.02.2019
Tropos. Byzantine Choir English, Ελληνικά Greece 18.02.2019
Slavonic Computing Русский, English USA 05.02.2019
Vladimir Grygorenko. Orthodox Byzantine Iconography English USA 30.01.2019
Taxiarxes Monastiriaka. Church Supplies and Monastery Products from Agion Oros English, Ελληνικά Greece 22.01.2019
Good Deed. Russian Orthodox Diakonia in Europe Русский, English, Deutsch Germany 17.01.2019

Your prayers needed!

Dear readers! May we ask for your prayers for salvation and well-being of humble servants of God Fr. Vladimir, Fr. Vladmir, Fr. Basil, Fr. George, Fr. Photius, Dn. Zhivojin, Dn. Cyril, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexander, Alexius, Alexius, Anatolius, Anatolius, Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, Anna, Anthony, Athanasius, Vadim, Valentina, Valerius, Vera, Vladimir, Vladimir, Vyacheslav, Galina, George, George, C Givi, Gregory, David, Daniel, Demetrius, Demetrius, Eugene, Igor, John, John, Irina, Constantine, Leonidas, Leonidas, Lyubov, Maximus, Maria, Marina, Melana, Nicholas, Michael, Oleg, Olga, Natalia, Peter, Rostislav, Serge, Serge, Stephen, Photinia, Khatuna, Yagoda and their loved ones. Their voluntary efforts make this directory a reality.
May we ask you to pray for the departed servant of God Andrew Kourovsky (France), who was the driving force in creating a French version of the directory.
Brothers and sisters! May we ask you to let us know about new or existing orthodox websites not present in our directory or any URL updates. Please also let us know if in our listings you find broken URL's, errors, inconsistencies or the like.
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